The Society for Cultural Anthropology (SCA) holds its biennial meeting every other spring. The SCA also organizes a number of events during the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association (AAA).

SCA Biennial Meeting

When the SCA was founded in the 1980s, spring meetings were as small as 50 or 60 attendees, with conversations organized around two to three plenaries and a few additional panels. Today, as many as 300 scholars attend the biennial meeting, with approximately 100 presenters. Even so, the SCA continues to value the smaller, more intimate format of the spring meeting in contrast to the AAA's larger annual meeting. We look for works in progress that can speak to a central organizing question which cuts across keynote lectures and plenary presentations, as well as individual panels and papers.

Since 1999, the David Schneider Lecture has been the cornerstone of the SCA's spring meeting. The lecture is named for one of the SCA's founders and a defining figure in twentieth-century cultural anthropology.

2016 SCA Biennial Meeting

Ithaca, New York, May 13–14, “Collaboration”

For information on the 2016 spring meeting, please see the call for papers.

Past SCA Meetings

Past David Schneider Lectures

SCA Events at the AAA Annual Meeting

Culture@Large is the SCA's signature event during the AAA's annual meeting, and it features three discussants in conversation with an interlocutor from outside of anthropology. The SCA also sponsors panels and organizes student–faculty workshops.

Past Culture@Large Events