Contributing Editors Program

Cultural Anthropology's Editorial Intern Program was established in 2008 to help extend the journal's readership, build dialogue among SCA members about past trends and future directions, and to mentor the next generation of anthropologists who will increasingly operate in digital spaces. In recognition of the growing importance of the work of editorial interns to the mission of the SCA, the name of the program was changed in 2014, and members of the program now have the title of Contributing Editors.

The program is primarily organized around the Cultural Anthropology website. Editors contribute to three areas of activity: (1) the journal by creating supplemental pages for articles published in the journal, theme and area lists, and curated collections; (2) the website by editing or contributing to Fieldsights columns such as Anthropod, Episcope, Field Notes, Teaching Tools, and the Visual and New Media Review; and (3) SCA communications by handling Cultural Anthropology's social media channels and building relationships with other media oganizations.

The contributing editors program is open to graduate students anywhere in the world: editors have come from universities in the United States, Canada, the UK, and Western Europe. Open calls for new contributing editors are announced during the fall. Editors work on a voluntary basis and typically committment to two years of service. If you have questions or are interested in applying to our program, please send an email to

Contributing Editors 2014

Neal Kazuhiro Akatsuka

Harvard University
Website / Email: /

Research Interests: Ethics; Aesthetics; Biotechnology; Human–Plant Relations; Queer Studies; Globalization; Japan; the United States

CA Projects: Supplemental Pages (Hayward 2010); Social Media Group

Kitana Ananda

Columbia University

CA Projects: Supplemental Pages (Nouvet 2014); Social Media Group

Patricia Alvarez Astacio

University of California, Santa Cruz Website / Email: /

Research Interests: Ethnographic Filmmaking and Experimental Documentary Film; Art and New Media practices in relation to ethnography; Ethics and Aesthetic encounters and theory; Fashion Theory and Design Cultures; Latin América and postcolonial theory; materiality and tactility; Peru and representations of indigeneity

CA Projects: Multispecies Ethnography Issue (November 2010); Website Committee 2010–2012; Visual and New Media Review editor

Narges Bajoghli

New York University Website:

Research Interests: Iran; Media; War; Revolution

CA Projects: Supplemental Page (Jackson 2012, Concha-Holmes 2013); Teaching Tools: The Digital Form

Zohra Beben

College of William and Mary Website:

Research Interests: Risk; Disaster; Political Ecology; Faith-Based Institutions; Development

CA Projects: Supplemental pages (Redfield 2012, Anand 2011, Bond 2013); Socialism/Post-Socialism Theme List; Space and Place Theme List

Louise Lamphere Beryl

Teachers College, Columbia University Email: OR

Research Interests: Anthropology of Education; Anthropology of Children, Youth, and Childhood; Language Socialization; Anthropology of Literacy; Psychological Anthropology; African Immigrants and Refugees; Anthropology of Christianity

CA Projects: Teaching Tools Committee

Nicola Bulled

University of Connecticut and Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Adjunct Professor) Email:

Research Interests: HIV; Southern Africa; Youth; Biocommunicability; Globalization; Critical Medical Anthropology; Syndemics

CA Projects: Supplemental Pages (Caduff 2012, Crowley 2012, von Schnitzler 2013); Curated Collection: Ethnographies of Science

Darren Byler

University of Washington Personal website:

Research Interests: Phenomenology of Urban Living; Expressive Culture (Art, Music, Poetics) and Performativity; Minoritarian Politics (China/Central Asia)

CA Projects: Curated Collection: Literature, Writing, and Anthropology; Supplemental Pages (Bernstein, 2012, Al-Mohammad, 2012, Harms 2013, D. Thomas 2013, Fassin 2013)

Brandon Costelloe-Kuehn

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Website / Email: /

Research Interests: Environment; Media; Communication; Science; Technology; Modeling; GIS

CA Projects: SCA Video Editor; Supplemental Pages (Ochoa 2010, Kunreuther 2009, Kaplan 2009); Virtual Issue: Media Studies

Miranda Dahlin

University of Toronto Email:

Research Interests: Anthropology of Violence; Mexico; Ethnography; Anthropology of the State

CA Projects: Supplemental pages (Alonso 2004); Borders Theme List (in progress)

Mahiye Secil Dagtas

University of Toronto Email:

Research Interests: Pluralism; Borders and Boundaries; Anthropology of Religion; Discourses of Tolerance; Turkey; Syria

CA projects: Religion Theme List (in progress); Supplemental Pages (Rutherford 2012)

Joshua Jet Friesen

McGill University Email:

Research Interests: Libya; Revolution; Philosophic Anthropology

CA projects: Supplemental pages (James 2012); Friendship Theme List; Teaching Tools: Kinship

Swargajyoti Gohain

Emory University

Research Interests: border, state, transnationality, indigeneity, cultural politics, political economy, spatial theories, development and oral narratives

CA projects: Indigenity Theme List; Teaching Tools: Indigeneity

Casey Golomski

Brandeis University Email:

Research Interests: anthropology of religion (ritual, indigenous religions, global Christianity), psychological anthropology (aging and life course, emotions, personhood), gender, emerging markets and material culture, existential and phenomenological anthropology; sub-Saharan Africa: Swaziland and South Africa

CA projects: Supplemental pages (McKay 2012, Funahashi 2013, Cook and Hardin 2013); Life and Death Theme list (in progress)

Samantha L. Grace

University of Arizona
Website / Email: /

Research Interests: age, citizenship, youth, kinship

CA Projects: Social Media Team

Stefanie Graeter

University of California, Davis Email:

Research Interests: Medical and Environmental Anthropology; Science and Technology Studies; Environmental Health Sciences; Latin America; Peru; Lead Mining and Contamination; Technology and Social Movements

CA Projects: HotSpot: Occupy, Anthropology, and the 2011 Global Uprisings (editorial assistance); Supplemental Pages (Nading 2012, M'charek 2013); Contributor to Fieldsights - Visual and New Media Review

Jenna Grant

University of Iowa Website:

Research Interests: Anthropology of Science, Technology and Medicine; Visual Anthropology; Southeast Asia (especially Cambodia)

CA Projects: Fieldsights - Episcope; Supplemental Pages (Schwenkel 2013)

Bascom Guffin

University of California, Davis Website:

Research Interests: Urban Anthropology; New Middle Classes; India; Place and Space; Human Body and Senses; Social and Spatial Mobilities; World Cinemas; Visions of the Future; Technology Workers

CA Projects: Curated Collection: Affect, Embodiment, Senses; Place and Space Theme List; Supplemental Pages (Alter 1993)

Hemangini Gupta

Emory University Email:

Research Interests: Public Culture; Gender: Class; South Asia

CA Projects: Supplemental Pages (Raffles 2012); Curated Collection: Ethnographies of the Night (in progress)

Tiana Bakić Hayden

New York University Email:

Research Interests: Mexico; Urban Theory; Informality; Anthropology of Food; Language and Socialization; Medical Anthropology; Space and Place; Consumption

CA Projects: Supplemental pages (Samsky 2012, Yeh 2012); Teaching Tools Committee; Food and Nutrition Theme List

Hafeez Jamali

University of Texas at Austin Website / Email: /

Research Interests: Mega-Projects; Identity; Indian Ocean World; Space/ Place

CA Projects: Supplemental Pages (Elyachar 2012, Singh 2012)

Marcel LaFlamme

Rice University Email:

Research Interests: Anthropology of Work; Science and Technology Studies; Rural Geography; Militarization

CA Projects: Information Infrastructure

Elizabeth Lewis

University of Texas at Austin Email:

Research Interests: Disability; Affect; Bodies; Abandonment; Writing; Central America

CA Projects: Fieldsights - Anthro Happenings; Curated Collection: Anthropology and Youth; Supplemental Pages (Pandian 2012, Berlant 2011, Weiss 2011, Shaw 2011, Biehl 2013)

Jessica Lockrem

Rice University Email:;

Research Interests: Transportation; Infrastructure and the Built Environment; Urbanization; Post/Late/Market Socialism; Gender; Space and Place; Emotions and Affect; Expertise; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

CA Projects: Curated Collection: Infrastructure; Supplemental Pages (Brahinsky 2012, Mains 2012, De Boeck 2011, Boyer and Yurchak 2010)

Jessica Lyons

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Email:

Research Interests: Ethnography; Environment; Comparative Studies; International Policy; Indigenous Studies; Politics of Food

CA Projects: Supplemental pages (Marcus 2012, Moore 2012, K. Thomas 2013, Molé 2013); Curated Collections: Reclaiming Hope

Charles McDonald

New School for Social Research Email:

Research Interests: Historical Anthropology; Spain/Europe; Social Categories; Materiality and Subjectivity; Relatedness; Philosophy

CA Projects: Supplemental Pages (Osterweil 2013); Anthropod; News Media Group

Richard McGrail

Stanford University Website / Email: /

Research Interests: Eugenics; beauty, sex appeal, physical appearance; inter-racial and inter-class adoption; intimacy and love; legal and economic reform movements; foreign direct investment and international trade; Latin America; U.S.; critical theory.

CA Projects: Curated Collections: Subaltern Studies, 30 Years Later; Curated Collections: Affect, Embodiment, Sense Perception; Supplemental Pages (Stewart 2012)

Grant Jun Otsuki

University of Toronto
Website / Email: /

Research Interests: Science and Technology Studies; Posthumanism; Transhumanism; Human-Machine Relations; Anthropology of Japan

CA Projects: Fieldsights - Field Notes; ShareCA; Website Committee; Supplemental Pages (Fisch 2013)

Rupa Pillai

University of Oregon Email:

Research Interests: Anthropology of Religion; Feminist Anthropology; Race; Gender; Transnationalism; Place; Embodiment; Caribbean, South Asia

CA Projects: Curated Collection: Subaltern Studies: 30 Years Later; Supplemental Pages (McGovern 2012, Clarke 2013, Castor 2013); Teaching Tools Committee

Lindsay Poirier

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Website / Email: /

Research Interests: Development in East Africa, Technology Studies, Postcolonialism

CA Projects: Website Relaunch Team; Africa Area List (in progress); Supplemental Pages (Luckacs 2013, Handler 2013, Holsey 2013)

Lisa Poggiali

Stanford University Email:

Research Interests: Epistemologies and Ontologies of ICT in Africa; Urban Space; Phenomenology; Political Anthropology; Ethics; Aesthetics; Ethnography as a Literary Genre

CA Projects: Supplemental Page (Clifford 2012); Curated Collection: The Digital Form

Fayana Richards

Michigan State University Website / Email: /

Research interests: U.S. Health Care Systems and Policy; Chronic Illness and Aging; Discrimination and Health; Intersectionality; Political Economy; Subjectivity; Urban Cities and Geography

CA Projects: Supplemental Pages (Napier 2012, Fennell 2012)

Jonah S. Rubin

University of Chicago Website / Email: <> /

Research interests: Spain; Historical Memory; Death; Affect; Democratic Politics

CA Projects: Supplemental Pages (Rutherford 2009, McLean 2009, Valiani 2010, Bonilla 2011)

Michal Ran Rubin

University of Chicago Email:

Research Interests: Urbanism; Citizenship; Refugee Studies; Space and Place

CA Projects: Social Media Group

Paula Serafini

King's College London Email:

Research Interests: Art; Social Movements; Activism; Performance; Education; Community Work

CA Projects: Activism & Social Movements Theme List; Teaching Tools: Occupy (in progress)

Damien Stankiewicz

Temple University Website / Email: /

Research Interests: Anthropology of Media; Visual Ethnography; National and Transnational Identities; Theories of Culture; Europe/France/Germany

CA Projects: Supplemental Pages (Muehlebach 2011, Ghosh 2012, Taussig 2012); Interview with Amitav Ghosh for the August 2012 issue; Photo Essay Project

Stacy Topouzova

University of Oxford Email:

Research Interests: Legal Anthropology; Sensory Ethnography; Rhodope Mountains; Folklore; Greece; Bulgaria; Turkey

CA Projects: Supplemental Pages (H. Weiss 2014)

Jeremy Trombley

University of Maryland College Park Website:

Research Interests: Environmental Anthropology; Science and Technology Studies; Post-Constructivist Theory; and Activist Research Methods

CA Projects: Curated Collections: The Digital Form

Ted Wood

Tresspass Productions Email:

CA Projects: Anthropod

Anna Zogas

University of Washington Email:

Research Interests: Disability; Institutions; United States Military; Traumatic Brain Injury; Medical Anthropology

CA Projects: Curated Collection: Ethnographies of Science; Supplemental Pages (Garcia 2008, Montoya 2007, Svendsen 2011, Hodžić 2013, O'Neill 2013, Farman 2013)

Kathryn Zyskowski

University of Washington Email:

Research Interests: Globalization; Transnational Communication; Identities and Representation; Nationalism; Education; Religion and Language Ideology; South Asia (India)

CA Projects: Anthropology of Islam curated collection (in progress)

Content Management Team

Mallory Fryc

University of Richmond Email:

CA Projects: Website Relaunch Team; Content management

Cari Merritt

Tufts University

Research interests: Illness and =Identity; Biomedical Paradigm; Gender and Sexuality; United States

Projects: Website Relaunch Team; Health and Medicine Theme List